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Adam Danielson is truly a wine virtuoso. But this savant’s expertise derives more from his lifelong hands on study of wine than from a series of certification classes. Originally from Seattle, but raised in Florida, Danielson began his restaurant career at the age of fifteen, bussing tables at an Italian restaurant. Soon after, he became intrigued by the world of wine and began his pursuit of wine knowledge, a study that he continues to this day.

Having worked for many years in restaurant management, Danielson was given opportunities to manage the wine programs of many reputable dining establishments in Florida, California and Texas, including Brett’s Waterway Café, the Club at Hammock Beach, Zooker’s Café, Parkside Projects and Specs. All the while, he continued to voraciously explore wine literature, cultivate his palate by tasting and learn as much as he could firsthand from winemakers and producers. In fact, during his time in Santa Barbara, he volunteered often during the harvest in local vineyards and learned the process of winemaking in wine-production facilities, started a wine blog and even made his own impressive barrel of wine with Paso Robles cabernet grapes.

Danielson brought his passion for wine — as well as his respect for small producers and the thoughtful and delicate process by which formidable wines are made — to Atlanta in 2014. He will be starting a consulting business based out of Atlanta and looking for clients in Austin, Denver, and Southern California.

“This is a continual learning process for me,” Danielson says. “I’m looking forward to learning more about wine, building the staffs’ knowledge and educating guests about wine, helping them understand the symbiotic relationship between wine and food. I’m very excited about all of it.”


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