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January 05, 2010


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טיפים לאיפור

It is a walking encyclopedia of information and is probably the best farmer in the valley. Picking pinot noir that looked like raisins for their customers and their meaning quite at that time.


You think I am off base with any assertion. This particular one is not my assertion. This was the view of most vineyard owners and managers I have spoken with. Their clients, "winemakers" would be lost in the vineyard. That is their consensus Once again I leave the bold statements to people who know more than I.

What I can not figure out is why you get so fired up. I know you know your way around a vineyard and I never said you did not. Do your winemakers tell you how to leaf pull their section of vineyard? Do they ask you to irrigate a certain way? Do they tell you when to pick your grapes? Do they ask you about crop covers and beneficial insects. Do they help you prune or ask you to prune their vines differently? I would venture to say that they "trust" you to do the work and then make wine with the grapes that they are given.

You also probably know maybe 2% of the winemakers in the United States. That is a great place to make your assumption from.

Please do not assume things about me. That makes an ass out of you and me.

Did I say anything about large wineries in my post?

Jerry D. Murray

I think your a touch off base in your assertion that winemakers know nothing about vineyards. I would say that ANY winemaker knows more about vineyards than ANY wine writer. Certainly some know more than others but winemakers have a knowledge of vineyards unique to thier experience... the wine.

I also get the impression that you work on the assumption that 'large' wineries rely on tinkering in the cellar and pay no attention to the vines. This couldn't be further from the truth. The vineyard experiementation you speak of is done to the greatest extent and with the most control (statistically speaking) by large wineries. I can assure you that collectively, Gallo has forgotten more about the effects of leaf pulling, crop levels etc, than most other wineries in the world.

This knowledge doesn't translate into better wines per se but it does translate into better wines at better prices. That is where thier priorites lie.

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